3 Books That Will Change Your Life! ..and Your Bank Account.

I recently came across a friend who is as in touch with Feng Shui and Astrology as I am. Although I may claim to know alot about this subject, I am still an amateur.

She recommended a book to me and as i looked through it I knew i had to blog about it! I actually have 3 books I wanted to mention. All these books can be found a BARGAIN on Amazon. Click on the titles and it'll direct you straight to their Amazon page.

I love this book but found it a bit confusing, I should have read it when I wasn't answering phones or squeezing a 15 minute break at work:

1. Feng Shui Bible

It's absolutely fabulous. You find what year your birthday falls under and there are 3 numbers. Each number represents something about you. Your love life, your work life, and you true inner self. I have to admit, I learned a few things about myself that I always denied.

The second book she recommended was:

2. The Secret Language of Relationships

Now What i love about this book is that you find what week you are born under. For example, I am an Aries and I am born in the week of the star. Not all Aries are alike! Which is very interesting because my sister is an Aries, and i can promise you we are nothing alike. Now to get into more details. It goes down and dissects who is best fit for you in love, marriage, family, work, and several other categories. It's a very interesting read. 

3. City Chic

Okay so best for LAST! I highly recommend reading, skimming, referencing this book for anything you need during this economy. Although I don't live in "THE CITY" I do have a budget, and the extra money I save helps me splurge on a few things a year. This book is great for anyone! Even if you don't live on a recessionista budget, some of the advice one can learn from this book is useful and can save you headaches later on. For example, I learned when the best time to buy household items, sheet sets, towels, dresses, and where exactly i should go for my dry cleaning. From home furnishings to dining out and finding the best style staples on the cheap.

Although my mom has taught me almost EVERYTHING, there are things this book has taught me that i could have only learned from hard rough experience. I saved myself after a few big splurges i shouldn't have made and saved several bucks down the road.

Learn the in's and outs of living on a small budget and making every paycheck last to the FULLEST, and actually having a little left over to save.

You may not DIGGG Astrology or Feng Shui, but saving money is always a good thing. Plus Amazon has this book listed as low as .01 cent. :)

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:) Leave comments! My next post will most likely be about summer and dresses!

- xoxo Miss Lada