Traveling on a Budget- No more Staycations!

Hello Recessionista's! One of my biggest passions in life is traveling and with my income staying on a budget is the only way I can travel. I've traveled alot in the past and even with my family and we always had to stay on a budget. Here are some tips on how you can take that vacation and enjoy yourself and say "NO" to future staycations. :)

1. Be open minded on where you can go. Maybe Hawaii won't work into your budget during the summer.. but you can get a beautiful beach vacation by being flexible on your dates and flexible on the location. - the cool thing about flexibility on dates is that you save money and you can avoid people and truly relax.

2. Use the Internet! Use sites that will alert you and find beautiful destinations during the time you want to take your vacation!


3. Hotel Stay cheap. How long are you going to actually stay in the hotel anyway. You want to travel right? Okay I don't like staying at a "motel 8" either so i like to use Priceline to find a budget friendly safe hotel in the area I want.

4. Rental Cars/Travel Packages Use promo codes and stay cheap here. Plan out your week and take the first and last day out for the travel packages- you want to use those days to explore on your own and do your own thing.

In NYC i got the Double Decker tour ride to get free rides around the city- totally worth it.

5. Check out for more tips!

There's also an e-book that's only $5 and gives you amazing tips on traveling on a budget. Shawn travels everywhere and I'm just amazed by how often he is able to travel by using credit card points and travel points.

6. Souvenirs

Don't buy too many souvenirs- as tempting as it is just don't. Buy something you will actually use and not another snowglobe. Keep it classy.

My New Years resolution was to travel more and by using these tips I should be traveling in no time. :) Share your tips with us so we can all travel cheaper and more often.

Happy Travels.

xoxo missLada