A Samsung Chromebook for the Recessionista!

Hello Recessionista's, So i couldn't help but stop in the middle of work and take a break to tell you all about the Samsung Chromebook i came across.



Although i love love love my MBP and nothing ocmpares to how much ram and memory i have loaded it with. This chromebook is the IDEAL present i may be getting for my brother- since all of his computers have broken... and i'm not about to dish out on a Mac for him- he's only 11 years old..

Although i love my MBP- I may be getting this as well. An additional laptop around the house for homework and email!

It's a steal..

I have noticed several laptops out there for the same price.. but this is from Google and Samsung. Two companies i trust ad have never gone wrong with!

A superthin and fanless laptop for the kids or school- i think it's a must have!

What are your thoughts?


More info: "The new Chromebook is a great computer at any price, but it’s an incredible computer at $249. It’s one of the lightest laptops on the market. You can easily carry it around all day—it’s 2.5 pounds, a mere 0.8 inches thick, with more than 6 hours of battery life for the typical user. And with 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive*, you can get to all of your stuff anytime, anywhere." Blogspot