THE Summer Beauty Cravebox

My last Post was a complete debbie downer :(

So here are some Pictures from my Cravebox till i get my fabulous video loaded :)ImageImageImage

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the products i have received.

Speaking of pictures... my picture quality should be upgrading soon!! on a recessionista budget of course.

Actually in my latest video i mention how i am working all the time.

I am always on the go but i am also in GRAD school right now. Grad school is more than half my paycheck so i'll be a recessionista for quite a while.

Meanwhile. i hope you liked my cravebox and consider getting yourself one as well!

I found this cravebox well worth every penny.

The razor, soap , and protein bar were all things i would have purchased on a weekly basis which would have cost me more than $11- The brands are high quality and the scrub and eye treatment are the best gifts i have received in a while.

I dare you all to check it out if you have a spare $11. You can choose which box you are interested and they will randomly choose the winners- till they have more openings for their monthly subscriptions

Feel free to comment or message me!