My jewelmint and style mint pieces have arrived!

I was so excited when they did.

My favorite thing about them is that they give you FREE SHIPPING.

As a new member i did receive a discount on the items which was nice because that gives me a chance to test their pieces before i may 29.99- as a recessionista that is still a lot for a shirt or a piece of jewelry.





I am more than pleased with my purchase! I have put this on every cardigan and light jacket i have for a week! its sturdy it elegant and its very well made- which is hard to find!

Okay now for STYLEMINT:

To start i have always been a fan of Mary-kate and Ashley. I could never really afford their clothes. I always go to niemans and imagine i can afford to buy them but then i replicate my own versions. What i love about their style and clothing lines is that its very comfortable and well made. Which is why i turned to stylmint.. i wanted affordable edgy pieces i can use. They have so many styles you can choose from. Although unlike jewel mint- i had very few selections.. i was able to narrow it down to one. I chose an elegant shirt- Ballet flat Melrose. Yes! i did pick a color instead of my regular neutrals and blacks :)

check it out!


I chose a size bigger than what they recommended. I wanted a loose shirt. I keep wearing this shirt over and over again. It's so soft and well made i could sleep in it and then wear it with a pair of slacks to work. I am deeply in LOVE!

It has small details which make it beautiful and its well designed and the cut is very flattering!

I am definitely looking forward to purchasing clothes from these sites again.

SHOEMINT- has yet to impress me but if your deeply into shoes i would check them out!

xoxoxox recessionistas!

P.S Jewelmint and style mint are having a specials this weekend in honor of the Oscars! Once you sign up remember to read their program and credits. make sure you understand that once you start purchasing they charge you 29.99 whether u make a purchase or not- unless u decide to not purchase within that month :) u must declare to remove your credit within the first 5 days of the month.


20% OFF- MKA20



60% off- jmsale60 and 50% off: jmsale 50 - certain items ( almost all)