25 ways to wear a scarf! the fall POST

October is gone and daylights savings time has occurred- i'm not sure about you guys but it has not helped me wake up earlier or arrive earlier to work or the gym- in fact i wake up so early that i go back to sleep and end up being late to everything! But back to the real deal. It's COLD. But i live in Texas so cardigans and jackets are the number one essentials for me... except they are soo routine and boring i need something to spice up my outifts

This is when i turn to scarfs. Lately i ran across Wendy's look book video that shows 25 ways to wear a scarf!

This has recessionista written all over it!

check it out :)


PS i purchase a creme colored plaid scarf today:) first purchase from an H&M IN PLANO, TEXAS.