My Work Day to Happy Hour/Date Night Look

Setting off the New year in a Classy Style

January is one of my favorite months of the year. The new year starts and we begin all of our resolutions and it's just a great time for renewal. Coincidentally, I started a new job in December! The environment is much different from other places I have worked and they are a bit more conservative with work wear than my last place of work.

As a result, one of my resolutions was to have classier looks and incorporate my day look so i can seamlessly go to Happy hours/ birthdays/date nights without having to go home and change.

Most of my wardrobe consists of neutral colors with just small splashes of color here and there so the transition hasn't been too hard. I decided since it's the new year I would start shopping around a bit and of course I checked out DailyLook.



They have super affordable looks as well as different brands. You can find anything and everything on there at a great price point to fit your lifestyle.  Recently I checked out DailyLook's little black dress collection and I realized I could easily incorporate so many of the dresses from day to night. I typically wear a more fitted LBD with some back flats and either a cardigan or blazer but i decided to have a little fun...


Check out the look I created using the style sets board. Let me know what ideas and looks you have for a day to night look- especially during the work week. Make your own style set board and share with me! I would love to see your day to night look!

Beautysets - Day to Night LBD LookDay Look:

  • Trench coat since the weather is still a bit cool. I think the whole trench coat style is super fun and classic and great for work. In this look the trench coat adds another color to the outfit while still remaining neutral.
  • Woven Shirt Dress- I loved this shirt dress. As soon as I saw it i knew it would be a great staple piece for my closet as it can be dressed up or down. I could wear this on the weekend and also out at night with some heels. What's great is that I can pair this with some fitted trousers or opaque tights and really step it up for work.
  • Vegan Leather Tote: This bag is great for all occasions. I particular love it since it's big enough to carry all my daily essentials on top of work laptop and gear. Great staple piece.
  • Two Tone Strappy Heels: I finished the look off with a pair of two-tone heels to really bring the outfit together.
  • Accessories: At work i like to keep it simple with regular studs and a nice gold watch.

Night Look:

  • Woven Shirt Dress: Great alone with no tights and just some gorgeous gams.
  • Black Pumps: I love a great pair of pumps but recently I reach for them when i head out for a birthday or event after work and still want to look classy and polished. I thought these pumps were just wonderful addition to this dress. You could also pair it with some colorful shoes as well.
  • Accessories: Here I layered some necklaces to add a bit of fun to my outfit. I loved this Natalie B Kelsey gold ring that just adds a pop of color to this overall neutral monotone outfit.
  • Clutch: I finished the look by grabbing this crocodile embossed clutch which i thought fit perfectly with my edgy style and added an element of fun to the outfit as well.
  • Makeup- Of course don't forget to add a pop of blush and a bold lip or smokey eyes to really step up this look. I typically like to have a small pop of color and then do it up with my makeup look.

I hope you enjoyed the look. It's a bit different than most day to night looks but this one is more tailored to my personality and life. I wear neutral colors all the time and have my fun finding that one beautiful piece of jewelry or shoe that really takes the look to another level. I practically live out of my car since I'm always running around town before and after work so this dress completely fits my life.

If you are interested in any of the pieces you can click the above image to go directly to my style set board to shop any of the looks! :)
xoxo missLadan

A Night in Milan.. The other day I was thinking about how quickly 2014 has flown right by us.

I started thinking about my objectives for the year (aka resolutions..haha) and I met two of mine completely without trying. One of my resolutions was to live a healthier lifestyle and workout more frequently. I was able to accomplish this resolution just by setting aside 30 minutes- 1 hour a day. Now.. I can't imagine not going to the gym or having that time just to myself everyday.

The second goal i met was traveling more. It's not that i planned more trips this year... it's just that I made the jump when the opportunity presented itself. I traveled to NYC for work and extended my stay just so I can breathe in the beautiful city that I love and truly experienced it on a deeper level. I had no plans and as a result was able to see more of the city than i had on my previous trips. I went to Hawaii with family which I planned out with a set budget.. trust me it wasn't easy but definitely helped me out. Then I made a trip to Chicago since I had friends there and a free place to stay. This year I have definitely learned you can travel several times a year and still stick to your budget. No more staycations!

So here's the kicker.. I am hoping i can take a Euro-trip next summer!

Ideally I am planning on visiting Italy, France and Spain.

I have had the privilege of traveling Internationally since i was less than a year old so below are some pointers on traveling internationally and what i would do if i visited Milan, Italy!

Some Research I conducted on Milan:

  • Milan is one of Italy's most dynamic, international and industrial cities.
  • In comparison to other cities in Italy it has a more urban, modern mood which means fewer tourists.
  • Milan has a  reputation for being the World's fashion capital.

1. Language Barrier

How to Remove Language Barriers #ottsworld

I am leaving this as number one because it it very important to learn the language and cultural differences before you start packing! Are you okay with the countries culture? I definitely recommend using a site or resource like Rosetta stone to brush up on some language before you visit a country like Italy. I would also recommend trying out e-books and the below sites. You can always find free resources in the app store and online to save your precious dollars. The end goal is to be well versed enough in the language so you can get around and not be insensitive to the culture and language. You never know which corner you will turn.

  • also has a translation software that's super helpful!They provide all types of translation services.

2. Food:

  • I always stick by my rule of eating local! Immerse yourself in the culture and seriously... who doesn't love Italian!

3. Weather:

  • With its warm weather, thin crowds and relatively lower airfare, April is one of the best months to plan a trip to Italy.
  • Although Spring is a great time to travel to Milan it is important to note they have spring showers so a light jacket is essential for packing.

4. Fashion:

It's important to know Milan's reputation as the World's fashion capital.

Milan just recently finished having Fashion week back in September so keeping up to date with the latest trends is something to be mindful of.

Here is what I would pack if I were going soon:

  • Milan showed ton's of 70's fashion! Which is great. There were skinny jeans and NORMCORE pants. Which is a huge relief because now we can wear comfortable yet stylish jeans without having to suffocate inside skinnies during a trip.
  • The below styles are comfortable and super on trend this season
  • Alberta Ferretti spring 2015 collection show. Photo: ImaxtreeGucci spring 2015 collection show. Photo: Imaxtree
  • I also always like to stick to neutrals in general but specifically when traveling. That way everything matches!
  • A light jacket most likely consisting of a tailored light trench coat is ideal, on trend and very versatile for a trip.
  • Blacks, whites, and pops of color were all over the runways. Sticking close to classy tailored pieces will not only help keep packing to a minimum but also help in coordinating the pieces together.
  • Scarfs are always essential for traveling- luckily they were on the runways and ideal for weather in Milan.
  • Lots of shiny prints and sequins were on the runway so i would grab a sequin number i already have for going out at night! Maxy dresses were also very prevalent on the runway and are super comfortable for trips.

Versace spring 2015 collection show. Photo: ImaxtreeCostume National spring 2015 collection show. Photo: Imaxtree

  • Shoes
    • Milan is no exception. Keep shoes to what's comfortable. Don a cute pair white sneakers that will go with everything. Oxfords were big trend on the runway along with gladiators and chunky heels. In general the shoes were more on the comfort side this year and completely wearable. I personally take one pair of sandals,a sneaker which i wear and a dressed up shoe in this case a thicker chunky heel or wedge for the night out.

5. Budget

  • Don't spend money here trying to buy clothes, accessories. You want to do your shopping there.
  • Did i mention fashion enough? You want to get your clothes at local boutiques. Remember you can always bring it back and get it tailored later.
  • I learned the hard way to not spend money on souvenirs. Buying one great item that you can use back home is better than a bunch of items that will just take up space in your luggage.
  • Speaking of luggage- stick to a carry on- you can replace it easily and you can always buy luggage in Milan! Less is More.
  • Eat local- eat where the locals like to eat. There are so many useful apps these days that can save us time and money.

Hope you all enjoyed my advices and thoughts on what a trip to Milan would be like.

I have wanted to visit Italy since I was little so I hope to execute this plan soon.

I'm always open to feedback so let me know what you would suggest for my trip to Italy. :)

I would love to get more advice before my trip!

XOXO misslada



Traveling on a Budget- No more Staycations!

Hello Recessionista's! One of my biggest passions in life is traveling and with my income staying on a budget is the only way I can travel. I've traveled alot in the past and even with my family and we always had to stay on a budget. Here are some tips on how you can take that vacation and enjoy yourself and say "NO" to future staycations. :)

1. Be open minded on where you can go. Maybe Hawaii won't work into your budget during the summer.. but you can get a beautiful beach vacation by being flexible on your dates and flexible on the location. - the cool thing about flexibility on dates is that you save money and you can avoid people and truly relax.

2. Use the Internet! Use sites that will alert you and find beautiful destinations during the time you want to take your vacation!


3. Hotel Stay cheap. How long are you going to actually stay in the hotel anyway. You want to travel right? Okay I don't like staying at a "motel 8" either so i like to use Priceline to find a budget friendly safe hotel in the area I want.

4. Rental Cars/Travel Packages Use promo codes and stay cheap here. Plan out your week and take the first and last day out for the travel packages- you want to use those days to explore on your own and do your own thing.

In NYC i got the Double Decker tour ride to get free rides around the city- totally worth it.

5. Check out for more tips!

There's also an e-book that's only $5 and gives you amazing tips on traveling on a budget. Shawn travels everywhere and I'm just amazed by how often he is able to travel by using credit card points and travel points.

6. Souvenirs

Don't buy too many souvenirs- as tempting as it is just don't. Buy something you will actually use and not another snowglobe. Keep it classy.

My New Years resolution was to travel more and by using these tips I should be traveling in no time. :) Share your tips with us so we can all travel cheaper and more often.

Happy Travels.

xoxo missLada


Merry Christmas and a Violet VoxBox Review!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I was finally able to squeeze in some time to blog my review on the Violet Voxbox i received from Influenster a few weeks ago. Long story short (who am i kidding the story is never short with me) I had guests from New Zealand and Chicago and then a family member had surgery and I was basically a mom, maid, chauffer and caretaker all while having a full time job. Let me tell you I do not think being a mom is easy whatsoever! You get ZERO sleep. It's also very hard to be a people pleaser and get gifts for everyone on your list when your running around all the time.

Anyways on to my review!!!

This is what i received in my Violet Voxbox- also posted on my IG @misslada:

My Box:


The VioletVoxBox GOODIES!


My reviews:

1. Not Your Mothers Clean Freak Dry Shampoo:


So I am not a huge fan of dry shampooing.. I just have to wash my hair everyday otherwise i feel dirty. However i love using dry shampoo for days my hair feels flat and i need a little "oomph" to my do. You get me?

The ONLY dry shampoo I've liked before this one is Paul Mitchell Dry Wash. (You need to try this if you're a dry shampooer BTW)

Anyways i love that i finally tried a drugstore dry shampoo and actually enjoyed using it. The smell is "Fresh" and it leaves my hair with lots of volume!

I can only imagine what it does for people that need to aborb oil.

Final thoughts: Thumbs up since I know I'll be making this a staple in my bathroom. Yay drugstore products that work!

2. Goody Athletique Quick Dry hair band


I gave this one a test run and cycle..haha. I put it on threw my hair in a bun and went to the gym!

So background first. I have tried so many brands of headbands since I need these for yoga (have to keep those sweaty strands out of your face). I use headbands to keep my hair off my face, avoid pimples caused by sweat running down my face and so i can look cute (well sometimes).

I completely recommend this product if you workout, practice yoga or anything that makes you sweaty.  Although i wasn't a total fan of the color.. I did love that

1. It kept the long strands off my face.

2. Kept my ears warm on the way to the gym

3. It's not tight! The head wraps at the back of your neck and you can easily adjust and  customize to the size and tightness you need. I didn't notice i had it on till i had to go shower. Now that's impressive for a headband!

Overall: Thumbs up! YAY Goody! I will repurchase- in diff colors of course.

3. MJ Clay Spa Mask


Alright, Spa time! When i saw i got a face mask i freaked because I just LOVE Spa Masks. I love the ones from LUSH Cosmetics all the way to the ones at Target that are $1-2.

This spa mask is the kind you actually fold out and place on your face. Please note picture above.

What I did: I put on the mask for 15 minutes after a warm shower. Rinsed my face with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Results: a beautiful soft, clean face with a GLOW.

AND...wait hold on. I had two breakouts a week or so ago and they had dried up and looked just terrible. However, after this mask.. the dryness just came off after i pat my face dry.

My overall thoughts: If i can purchase this reasonably under $3- then I'm down. Anything more then i would rather go to Lush. This is a GREAT product of you like the actual masks and don't want to deal with placing product on your face.

4. SoyJoy Banana Flavor


If you follow me on Twitter you know I go through seasonal phases with meal/snack replacement bars. I had seen Soyjoy at several supermarkets but was always hesitant to try them. To be honest, I'm just not a huge fan of SOY. I think it tastes great but I always feel moody when i have too much soy.

I decided to try this anyway.

Although it's not my favorite bar- I did enjoy it! Yes, the bana flavor was actually pretty appetizing. Now beware, this bar does not look that appetizing but it's actually pretty good. It wasn't dry ( even though it looked dry) and it was super fruity!

Overall thoughts: Thanks but no thanks? I liked it. I probably won't repurchase UNLESS i saw an interesting flavor or if I'm at an airport. Again, this is mainly due to the fact that I don't like putting soy in my body.

5. Triple Shine Sally Hansen Nail Polish- color: Reef-Raf


The picture above is from Influensters site, however i did try this product at the hospital. I personally LOVE Sally Hansen nail polishes so my review could be biased?

  1. I did like the color i received- it was a bright, neony, coral-pink color.
  2. I did apply a few (2-3) coats to get the full color payoff.
  3. Very shiny and neony! Great color for summer!
  4. The other colors in this line look fun for summer as well.
  5. I saw the price on this- which is around $5 and I didn't make a purchase.

Okay, so yes it's a great polish and yes $5 is not that expensive. However I think that Sally Hansen should stick to the $3-$4 range.

To be honest my favorite polish from the Sally Hansen line is the Hard as Nails Xtreme wear. They are less than $3 and i love the colors they have. Esp the lilac! It's a staple in my polish collection. In fact i have purchased backups.'

Overall review: Great polish, Great formula and color. Price needs to go down so I can make the purchase. :)

All in all I am super glad i got chosen for this box and aside from the Soyjoy I was truly surprised by how much i enjoyed everything and am Excited to make purchases on most of these products. I hope my reviews helped you make a decision on spending your dollars on these great drugstore finds! :)

Please let me know if you've tried these products and what your thoughts are and if you like these types of reviews. I would love to know!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All images are my own except the Not your mother's clean freak and Sally Hansen.

REVIEW: Colgate SlimSoft Toothbrush Influenster VoxBox

Hello Everyone!! I am happy to let you all know that I finally received my VERY FIRST INFLUENSTER BOX! I received the Colgate Influenster VoxBox a few days ago for testing purposes. I am super glad i got this as one of my first boxes since I love hygiene products and I love keeping my teeth super clean and white. In fact I already used Colgate products however since my teeth have started getting sensitive lately I have been looking for a soft bristle manual brush that makes my teeth feel clean!

Below is what I CURRENTLY use:


Below is what I received in my box!


My Experience:

I've tried this for a day now so 3 uses and so far I am hooked. Usually I am not THAT hooked with new tooth brushes.

Just to give everyone a quick background- i have a Sonicare but i stopped using it because I don't feel like I get a deep clean as a result I prefer manual toothbrushes.

What I liked about this toothbrush is that the bristles are thinner and not round and this allow for a deeper clean. I personally like whitening toothpaste so I prefer the toothpaste I normally use (Colgate Optic white) over the one provided in this box. However I will be switching my mouthwash over from the optic white mouth wash since I felt more tingle with this one.

All in all I truly enjoyed this toothbrush. I was very surprised since I am very picky with toothbrushes. I am very happy that there is a brush out there for those with sensitive teeth that just want a good clean!

Let me know if you have any questions about my experience!



I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

SPLURGE VS SAVE- wardrope edition

Hello Recessionista's! I know it's been a little while since i last posted anything however- I should be back and running pretty soon!

To kick it back up I ran into an article on when to Splurge and when to save this morning and couldn't agree more with. Below i have the items listed in the article with my won twist on why I agree as well as a few items I think we should consider splurging on:



1.  Leather Jacket- or a lamb skin. You can find non-leather jackets that are just as great also if you're against wearing animal skin.

2. Jeans- we all know the coworker that wears ill-fitted jeans. Don't be THAT person.

3. Bra's- nothing is more embarrassing then a women with a great set of assets and a poorly fitted bra. Get one or two that fits and wash them properly. Take care of the items that make you feel and look your best!

4. Black Dress- I think when we say spend vs splurge- it doesn't mean u should go out and spend a fortune- but take the time to find one that fits you like a glove. You may get lucky and find the last AMAZING dress discounted. Just have your perfect go to dress.

5. Blazer- a fitted one. You can wear this anywhere and everywhere- haveing one great Blazer will take u from the office to the after party in style.

6. A great Work Bag- I am a huge advocate for saving up for a great bag. You can take that ONE bag with you everywhere. I work in an office 5 days a week and like a great big bag for shopping. A great work bag is ideal for someone like me. Instead i don't have to constantly purchase new bags- they'll end up costing more than the ONE investment bag.

7. Shoes- you don't need to buy a Louboutin but take a moment to purchase shoes that wont give u blisters.



Sandals- although i always say you should invest in your feet. You can always find a imitation of the high end sandals with the same comfort at a lower price. Let's be real If it's flat then they probably didn't put much effort in creating them.

Skirt and printed pants- Buy a skirt that flatters you- however most skirts don't need to be THAT tailored so you can save in this category. Printed pants come and go so I would save those extra $$$ on something you would rather splurge on.

Formal dress- you wear this ONCE. So unless you're a celebrity- I would save your precious Benjamin's in this category.

Read more here:

MY TAKE ON Beauty Money Wasters

Hi Everyone! Long time no Blog! Sorry my life has been on TURBO speed and i haven't  had made time to blog :(. I have been tweeting though so connect with me on twitter for the LATEST AND GREATEST!

I ran across this great discussion on Beauty Money wasters and I could not agree more.

Here are some things I never buy:

  • Shaving creams
  • Eye creams
  • Cuticle oil ( a nail tech told me to use Vaseline)
  • Salon shampoos (unless i get them at a SUPER discount through my salon friends.
  • Leave in conditioners (K-Pak) is the only one I splurged on and I remember i got that for $11.. But to be honest.. i robably would do it again. Aussies $# one works the same if not better..
  • High end nail polishes. ( Do not pay more than $7 for nail polish) I'll rather pay to get my nails done..and i usually buy them with a promotion or discount at ULTA ( buy 2 get free topcoat.. etc.)
  • Foundation ( i only use concealer on those special spots otherwise i go with a fresh face unless it's a wedding or Special occasion- Unless you have TERRIBLE skin ( you probably shouldn't use foundation all the time if you have acne prone skin anyway.



xoxo missLada


credits: yahoo


SPLURGE OR SAVE? Why not BOTH?! People always ask me how I shop so much and don't break the bank.

I am a serious offender of having "TOO MUCH CLOTHES" but never enough shoes..

To be Honest... when I worked retail it was easy because after a while I just knew the days everything went on sale. I don't have the luxury of working retail anymore or having time to go shopping during the week so i just shop online.

Here are my top sites and tips for shopping online to get more BANG for your BUCK:

  1. Using coupon codes: I always find a coupon code to save at least 10% or score free shipping. I've scored shoes for over 40% off by Googling coupon codes. Just a couple seconds of Googling can score you an extra pair of shoes or an accessory with your savings. What's great about this is that you can save without even thinking about it. Want that full priced shoe. GET IT! Use your new member 10% off code ( which most sites will have) and you just saved money without even thinking about it. There's also always a way to get yourself out of paying shipping too.
  2. E-bay it: It started with my college books and then i explored into everything else on eBay. I've always had such great luck with getting books on eBay and now I've loured into finding accessories and knickknacks that are way overpriced at other retail locations.
  3. Craigslist: This brings me to the discussion of Craigslist- Although I wasn't a big fan in the beginning.. obviously because I'm a girl and I'm super paranoid- I have found great deals on Craigslist! My friend even scored a leather recliner for $50. I couldn't believe it at first but when I went and saw this recliner I was amazed. This recliner was worth at least $800 and looked BRAND NEW! genuine LEATHER FOR $50. Who would've thought you could HAGGLE in this country!
  4. Outlets: Now if you know me at all- you know that i do not believe in outlets- especially since I've always scored lower prices elsewhere or online. Also i always feel that the items i find in outlet malls were specifically made for outlets. But Hautelook, Beyond the Rack and, MYHABIT are a few places that my friends always swear by for designer fashion. Want that new trendy purse by Michael Kors- i promise you i have found it a $100 dollars cheaper on those sites only a few months after it hit the market.
  5. Email subscriptions- I have said this before in previous posts but subscribing to emails for your favorite designers and websites will go a long way. Create a new email and use that only for your subscription/ "spam" emails and when u want something go back and look. I found a 80% off code that was exclusive to past shoppers! 80% off. So yes i bought a $100 satin pajama for $20. No tax and free shipping.
  6. Inventory- Remember online inventory is typically bigger and has more variety than the local store. Which means when things go on sale- they might not sell out and they'll have to mark it down even more. I always look for shoes and find great deals online this way! I do this with Nordstrom's allll the time. Now you know my secret :)
  7. Thrift Stores: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Looking  to  find one of the latest trends but low on cash? Thrift stores are so "IN" these days.. you're friends will join you. My one biggest advice is to find a thrift store that's not in your neighborhood- look into the more upscale neighborhoods. You can even donate your items to some places and get cash and or a gift card to use at the store!  I always score some awesome accessories at thrift stores  it's crazy how much you can get for just a few bucks.
  8. Stores to check out: Some stores I'm in love with and have sales all the time, even though their full priced items are already cheap are:,,, urbanoutfitters (their sales are AMAZING- I SCORED A BEDDING SET FOR $40),,,, I love how i can get designer or runway looking items or amazing dresses way cheaper than any other retailer. requires some time but if you look you can always find some amazing dresses!

I always have money saving tips and it surprises me when people don't use them. I never pay full price for anything except groceries of course and I am always able to find a way to buy the things I NEED and want on a very low budget.

Let me know what else you would like to see me post about. Are you  guys interested in vlogs? If so let me know!

I'm adding this video since it kinda fits this post! Enjoy:



xoxoxo missLada


2013 has officially begun!

Happy Tuesday!

I realized this week that the year has officially begun now in gunner mode. haha.

Everything is up and running, people no longer have excuses and school is starting for me as well.

My online class started and let's just say I am super excited about it! Business Law here I come! Actually, I am taking this as a graduate class mainly because I just love LAW.

But.. that's not what this post is about!

I have a ton of  resolutions for 2013 but it all comes down to having more "ME" time.

They both go hand in hand however, I made a commitment  recently..which I rarely do.

I've been getting back on my YOGA kick lately because I truly believe that I am a happier person when I go.

They always reiterate all these things about  being positive and letting the past go and I find that it actually effects my positivity and outlook on life.

My gym rolled out a 30- DAY COMMITMENT TO YOGA: the best part is that this was free.

I even got a FREE log book so I can log all my yoga "feelings" after my practice.

I find that every year people make a commitment to lose weight and live healthier. But I have found that being happy with yourself naturally makes you love your body more and take care of your well being more.

This is why I made a commitment to 30 DAYS of YOGA.

Agreed... I don't actually think I'll practice YOGA everyday. But you can do YOGA at home with a podcast or YouTube video- it's the whole point of making time for "YOU"

I love that my gym made this available for the yogis since typically the runners at our gym and I can't run to save my life. I'll hike or jog but no running.

I am ENCOURAGING all of you to join a MOVEMENT. A movement that's for YOU.

You may have seen my tweets on movements and organizations that collect money - and we never see where that money goes. But when something is free and available why not?

You can join with ME on this 30 day's of YOGA or whatever activity. Photography, travel, blogging, vlogging, whatever your heart desires.

I started yesterday January 15th - February 14th. But you can start today.

Let me know what you are committing to and what it means to YOU.

xoxo missLada

Neiman Marcus + Target Collaboration

Image Wasn't sure how many of you were as obssessed with the Neiman Marcus- target collab as i was but... Target has the ENTIRE collection on 70% off!

Finally got the remainder of the items i wanted without breaking the bank.

I still want to go back and buy more but i really don't think that's a great start to the new year.. ahem spending more money.

I'll update you all on what i bought tonight!


1. Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses- set of 4 = $14.99 - Probably my most WANTED item from the whole collection :)

Originally $49.99 ( no way was i going to pay that.. had to order online since most stores sold out- wonder why.. they are BEAUTIFUL!)

Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4

2. Alice + Olivia Luggage = $53.99 originally 179.99

( online purchase since this was sold out in stores.. HOWEVER.. i got FREE SHIPPING and i actually need a carry on and i plan to travel this year :)) SUPER cute!

Alice + Olivia Luggage

3. DVF JEWELRY BOX $14.99 originally $49.99 - sadly this may be a return, i did look through all of the boxes and thought this was the best one however i came home and saw a part of the lid had a chunk missing. Guess something hapned in shipping or the top is plainly cheap. :( i LOVE the inside though so i may make this work. sadly i only have a few days to think about it since all these products have to be returned by January 5th..

Diane von Furstenberg Jewelry Box

4. Rag and Bone shot glasses! $10.. ORIGINALLY $20- CURRENT PRICE: $5.99

rag & bone Shot Glasses - Set of 4

love these... even though i am only using them as decoration right now.

5. Clothing- i have this theory that when clothing items from Designers hit Target.. at a cheaper price, they are never a good quality. Although i found cute items, including the Marc Jacobs scarf.. i found that the material was so thin it was falling apart. so i passed. Everything else has lived up and is beautiful.

To be honest i would have purchased all these items whether they were brand name or not solely based on the appearance of the items.

If you did shop the Neiman Marcus + Target collab products be sure you return any items you dont want to keep by January 5th 2013! Otherwise they won't refund the full amount you originally paid for..

Did you purchase anything from the line? if so tell me which product and if you paid full price. i would love to hear what you thought about this collaboration!

Keep it classy recessionista's!

xoxo missLada

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,100 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.


This is very exciting for me! I hope to have more posts in 2013! thank you to everyone for their support! :)



To Cyber Monday or NOT to Cyber Monday..?

Hello Recessionista's!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I know I was grateful for such a great year. Even if you weren't as blessed as I was this year- remember with every GOOD there's a bad AND you wouldn't be able to get that Happiness HIGH if you never saw the bad and ugly.. :) ever since I started looking at life that way I realized I had MUCH to be grateful for and my life def turned around for the better!

Anyways- getting to the point of CYBERMONDAY. I thought it may be worth it to give you my two cents on this day. Typically on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday- i stick to the brands and stores i repurchase from alot. For example makeup, jewelry and clothing stores i shop frequently at. This way i know if I'm getting a good deal.

Here are some of my top sites to hit. ( yours may vary)


I already have my saved items in my cart- all i do is check on them and see if the prices have lowered- Today ALL the items had lowered anywhere from .50 to $6.00.

Depending on how high the price of the items are in your cart- I'm sure this number can vary. My items didn't go over $50.

2. The MINT family

I am a sucker for Jewelmint, Stylemint and Homemint- I'm stocking up on the items I've been eying since they are running a 50% deal through out the weekend and today.

3. Sephora- I don't know about you but Sephora is my number one spot to hit up during Black friday. Everything else that i forgot i grab on Cyber Monday- You can save a lot if you stock up on these days. I stocked up on alot of goodies for 2013! Some packed palettes and combo deals may be worth getting. I scored full sized products i use frequently for a fraction of the price!

4. Kohls and Macy's

Department stores run all kinds of specials. Kohls and Macy's are two i know most about. (I don't put Nordstrom in that category). Currently Macy's is running specials on Jewelry items and Kohls has 20 percent off and free standard shipping! ( I hear Kohls is great for the yogis and athletes on your lists)

5. Nordstroms- I put this in it's own category - Because i do not shop for clothing items on this website- I must be there in person to see it and feel it! Purses and shoes and accessories are a top hit. But be aware... sometimes their discounts aren't the lowest they can get throughout the year. So if it's a must buy item that you need for a gift go ahead and purchase- otherwise i would stay away from the most wanted items till after the holidays. Their annual sales are much much better!

6. Express

I love Express. As soon as i get an email- I'm the first to order those jeans or dresses I've been eyeing for weeks. The site shut down on Black Friday and the stores were packed. Thankfully i got my shop on Thanksgiving day. Only downside is i paid shipping. If you held out to today- you won. They are running 40% off EVERYTHING yes including sales items and free shipping. This one is worth it to me.. ESP if there is a holiday dress you're looking at getting!

7. Free shipping- The best part of Cyber Monday are the free shipping offers. Which is the ONLY reason i shop online.

Verdict: If you can pass then go ahead and pass on cyber Monday- but if there is something you've been wanting- it wouldn't hurt to see the promos running today. :) Also, remember there are better deals outside the holiday season so waiting till January on something for you couldn't hurt. Plus you may get two things instead of one with the lower prices after the holiday season

Happy Cyber Monday Recessionista's!

Let me know if you know of any good Cyber Monday deals worth shopping at today!

xoxoxo missLada

Eating out without Breaking the Bank

I have always been the girl that saved money when eating out. Well.. in high school that is. But once i got to college and started going out with friends more often- i learned to really keep my food budget in check.- As a result i always had money to go out with friends!

Here are some ways that I've learned to save and still be able to go out with friends:

  1. Eating before you go out: This helps you make healthier choices because that way you aren't thiniking aboutfilling your stomach and actually think about the taste of the food
  2. Getting a box to go : Getting a to go box for a large portion helps you plan your next meal- and that's one less meal you have to cook or buy! Not only do you save time and money- but eating in smaller portions keeps your waistline in check also!
  3. Groupon/Living Social/ Daily Deals: I've said it before- i have a separate email account for all these sites i use. I get daily updates on restaurants. Whether it's studio movie grill or that new restaurant I've wanted to try. Sometimes even bakeries.. I snag a 2 for one deal and use that next time i go out with friends. This is a great idea for those of you who pick up every other tab- do not do this on a first date but for those of you in relationships- the guys always love when u pick up a tab here and there.
  4. I've used this just as much as I've used Groupon. In fact i used this on an anniversary dinner. I have found great restaurants this way too! You purchase a certificate for let's say a couple bucks and you get a certificate to use at a restaurant. What's great about is that you can find codes online to purchase these certificates. I still have 4 that i purchased all for less than $2. They are saving me at least $25-30 per check. :) Total dealeo!
  5. Social-Media: Using Social Media to find specials is great. i don't know how many times in colege i got on twitter to find out deals for lunch. My favorite restaurants around school always had specials during the week. This is a great way to enjoy  your favorite restaurants and snag a deal on the meals you enjoy without breaking the bank.
  6. Google- Last but not least- i like to ask my friends and Google the restaurant before i decide to go. I have learned to refuse to go to restaurants where i don't enjoy the food. Bad food is the worst. Reading a review or 10 can save you not only money but also a night of indigestion. Looking at menus before i go out helps me have an idea about what i want to order so I don't order some random dish. I never order salads- the are always very pricy compared to the other menu options and never fill me up. I almost always go for an appetizer or burger. Something like that i know I'll enjoy yet is filling for it's value.
  7. Skip the dessert: although lately several restaurants have mini desserts available for a few bucks- i have been always the one who declined the dessert- even when my waiter was hot and the dessert menu was making my mouth water.. I'll grab a mint and call it a day.You can get a whole cake and have coffee or tea for half that cost- for all your friends. If you do order dessert- split it with a friend. How many of us actually have room for all that cake anyway? :)
  8. Cash: I'm really awful at this one- but having cash when you go out with friends will help you split the bill and pay your part without having to pay for other people's large portions or worst their pricey drinks. I can't say enough how many times i got screwed over by ordering a appetizer and water and had to pay part of my friends beers and steaks. Having some extra cash would've definitely saved me money in the long haul.

Sticking with these few rules has always helped me stay in budget and always have money to go out! Don't let a few bad mistakes rule your life as a recessionista- you can always find a way to afford to go out. Hope you found this advice useful!

Let me know if you have any other ideas!

xoxo miss lada

Saving big $$$$ without Sacrificing Quality

Hello Recessionista's! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to finish the end of October with a great spooky kick! With the holiday season just around the corner...I wanted to give you all an insight on how i get high quality makeup and beauty tools with Big discounts.

Here are the latest hauls I've had:

Groupon Deals:

I see The body shop deal about 3-4 times a year on Groupon and as you all know they have high quality brushes and makeup. Although I am a big fan of everything in the store, i dig their brushes, eye shadows and lip butters. When i see the $10 for $20 Groupon deal.. i immediately start with buying two. I can a couple good brushes with just that. Also-most of the time The body shop has deals going on in the store. I have walked away with around $100 worth of products by using this Groupon deal in combination with the on going in store deals. BTW- this promo is running on Groupon TODAY! Snatch it while you can :)

Urban Decay:

Something I really want to recommend is creating an email address where you can subscribe to deals. I do this for my Groupon deals and email subscriptions. I never thought signing up for emails would save me much money till i recently got 20% off on Urban Decays website. I was super tempted to buy everything but then i realized I didn't have much to work with. So I got the smoked palette and handful of eye shadows for a fraction of the price. Seriously all of it was $50 and i scored free shipping! Btw they have several of these throughout the year so keep your eyes pealed!

Sephora and Beauty cards

This past year i fell out of the VIB beauty insider and I realized how much i took it for granted. The only reason i fell out of it is of course because I'm a recessionista and spending that much at Sephora is just not always feasible :)

Nevertheless i retained by VIB status by throwing my out of town friend's purchases on my card. Cheating i know..

But get this I used my 20% VIB reward to purchase an exclusive makeup brush set and belt worth $450 at a quarter of the cost.

It was already on sale... and i used free shipping and my reward to get two sets for less then $200! It's probably one of the best purchases I've made - I gave one away as a gift and kept one for myself as an early Christmas gift which i will later use for my latest hobby that may make me extra cash.. TBA!

Cravebox Subscriptions and other beauty and fashion subscriptions :

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cravebox. More info on that beauty box here. But here's the thing.. i've only paid for one box! I got two free due to shipping issues. But due to the price of the boxes- they are still a great  way to try new products on the market without having to spend much. For $10 or so I have been able to receive several full size products and have discovered some new items on the market that i wasn't aware of. From eye creams to vitamins. Either way it's a great way to try new products without spending a fortune.

Stylemint and Jewelmint

Which leads me also to Stylemint and Jewelmint- I try to post about all the purchases i have on those sites.. I always skip in the beginning of the month and wait for the sales. I have scored tons of beautiful jewelry and t-shirts for under $10... Stylemint usually doesn't go under $15 but i typically get dresses which have been worth way over $15.

Using Promo Codes

Also REMEMBER- you can always find great PROMO codes for any site. Two of my favorites are and :)

Well that's it for now. Do you have any recommendations on how to save big $$$ on great beauty and style finds? Please post  your money saving tricks below!

xoxo miss lada

A Samsung Chromebook for the Recessionista!

Hello Recessionista's, So i couldn't help but stop in the middle of work and take a break to tell you all about the Samsung Chromebook i came across.



Although i love love love my MBP and nothing ocmpares to how much ram and memory i have loaded it with. This chromebook is the IDEAL present i may be getting for my brother- since all of his computers have broken... and i'm not about to dish out on a Mac for him- he's only 11 years old..

Although i love my MBP- I may be getting this as well. An additional laptop around the house for homework and email!

It's a steal..

I have noticed several laptops out there for the same price.. but this is from Google and Samsung. Two companies i trust ad have never gone wrong with!

A superthin and fanless laptop for the kids or school- i think it's a must have!

What are your thoughts?

More info: "The new Chromebook is a great computer at any price, but it’s an incredible computer at $249. It’s one of the lightest laptops on the market. You can easily carry it around all day—it’s 2.5 pounds, a mere 0.8 inches thick, with more than 6 hours of battery life for the typical user. And with 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive*, you can get to all of your stuff anytime, anywhere." Blogspot




I ran into this DIY and couldn't stop thinking of how #recessionista it is :) Create these amazing bangles under a couple bucks.. i'm thinking.. this would make GREAT birthday gifts!


This is def what i will be up to this weekend!

Let me know if you do! Post comments, pictures or videos of your creations :)

xoxo missLada

Cravebox Winner(s) Announcement

Hello Recessionista's! I appreciate all the comments and advice on how to be a better recessionista!

I def need to start looking more into drugstore makeup- :)

But let's get to the good part. I used a random number generator twice. As a result our winner is Lida, and runner up is Shana S.!

Let me tell you why i did it twice. I have a feeling i may be getting an extra box-

So if that's the case then Shana S. is our other winner! :)

I am double checking with cravebox- because i don't want an extra box.. lying around when i could easily give it away.

So Lida CONGRATS please email me your name, email , address, and telephone!

Shana S.- let me wait to hear back- i will let you know- that way you don't have to send me your information for no reason.

Thanks everyone for participating- this was super fun! I hope to have the opportunity to do this again!

xoxox missLada

Cravebox Giveaway Contest

Hello Recessionista's!!! I won the beauty box blog contest anddddd.... therefore

I have a Cravebox to give away for free! Very recessionista right? ;)

If you don't know what cravebox is from my last post.. here is some more info ( i stole this info from

Cravebox is a wildly popular product discovery service that puts crave-worthy products into the hands of our lucky Cravebox Members. A team of Cravebox Curators scours the earth for the best of the best, and carefully prepares boxes that are delivered to members’ homes.


I'm waiting to get the subscription box- but currently i sign up every month for the LIMITED EDITION boxes. I had the summer beauty box- which i LOVE!!! i'm still trying to finish the products.

More info on the boxes:

Subscription Boxes are automatically shipped to subscribing Members and cost $10 a piece. The program is enormously successful and we sell out all our subscription slots in just a few hours, so at the moment there are no new subscription slots available.

Limited Edition Boxes are the newest offering. Cravebox Curators pack up handsome and hefty boxes filled with products, gadgets, doodads and supplies focused around a theme, activity, occasion or hobby that our Members love. Members are notified as soon as each new box is available, and have 3 days to come to the Cravebox website to enter a lottery style drawing for that Cravebox. Winners are notified as soon as the drawing is completed, and receive their Limited Edition box within about two weeks. Limited Edition boxes are available to members for just $10 - $15 each.

Do you wanna try #cravebox? Well... enter my drawing to win a free crave box! The drawing will be open through Sunday midnight. I will close it out first thing on Monday at 12:01 a.m.

Here is what u have to do:

1. Follow my blog!

2. Follow me @misslada on twitter for the latest updates!

3. Leave a comment below with a "recessionista" advice :)

check out craveboxes site for more info.

All information included is directly from Cravebox's site.

let me know if you have any questions!