http://scm-l3.technorati.com/12/12/13/73835/online-shopping(1).jpg?t=20121213022325 People always ask me how I shop so much and don't break the bank.

I am a serious offender of having "TOO MUCH CLOTHES" but never enough shoes..

To be Honest... when I worked retail it was easy because after a while I just knew the days everything went on sale. I don't have the luxury of working retail anymore or having time to go shopping during the week so i just shop online.

Here are my top sites and tips for shopping online to get more BANG for your BUCK:

  1. Using coupon codes: I always find a coupon code to save at least 10% or score free shipping. I've scored shoes for over 40% off by Googling coupon codes. Just a couple seconds of Googling can score you an extra pair of shoes or an accessory with your savings. What's great about this is that you can save without even thinking about it. Want that full priced shoe. GET IT! Use your new member 10% off code ( which most sites will have) and you just saved money without even thinking about it. There's also always a way to get yourself out of paying shipping too.
  2. E-bay it: It started with my college books and then i explored into everything else on eBay. I've always had such great luck with getting books on eBay and now I've loured into finding accessories and knickknacks that are way overpriced at other retail locations.
  3. Craigslist: This brings me to the discussion of Craigslist- Although I wasn't a big fan in the beginning.. obviously because I'm a girl and I'm super paranoid- I have found great deals on Craigslist! My friend even scored a leather recliner for $50. I couldn't believe it at first but when I went and saw this recliner I was amazed. This recliner was worth at least $800 and looked BRAND NEW! genuine LEATHER FOR $50. Who would've thought you could HAGGLE in this country!
  4. Outlets: Now if you know me at all- you know that i do not believe in outlets- especially since I've always scored lower prices elsewhere or online. Also i always feel that the items i find in outlet malls were specifically made for outlets. But Hautelook, Beyond the Rack and, MYHABIT are a few places that my friends always swear by for designer fashion. Want that new trendy purse by Michael Kors- i promise you i have found it a $100 dollars cheaper on those sites only a few months after it hit the market.
  5. Email subscriptions- I have said this before in previous posts but subscribing to emails for your favorite designers and websites will go a long way. Create a new email and use that only for your subscription/ "spam" emails and when u want something go back and look. I found a 80% off code that was exclusive to past shoppers! 80% off. So yes i bought a $100 satin pajama for $20. No tax and free shipping.
  6. Inventory- Remember online inventory is typically bigger and has more variety than the local store. Which means when things go on sale- they might not sell out and they'll have to mark it down even more. I always look for shoes and find great deals online this way! I do this with Nordstrom's allll the time. Now you know my secret :)
  7. Thrift Stores: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Looking  to  find one of the latest trends but low on cash? Thrift stores are so "IN" these days.. you're friends will join you. My one biggest advice is to find a thrift store that's not in your neighborhood- look into the more upscale neighborhoods. You can even donate your items to some places and get cash and or a gift card to use at the store!  I always score some awesome accessories at thrift stores  it's crazy how much you can get for just a few bucks.
  8. Stores to check out: Some stores I'm in love with and have sales all the time, even though their full priced items are already cheap are: asos.com, nastygal.com, modcloth.com, urbanoutfitters (their sales are AMAZING- I SCORED A BEDDING SET FOR $40), Jewelmint.com, Intimint.com, Topshop.com, stevemadden.com. I love how i can get designer or runway looking items or amazing dresses way cheaper than any other retailer. Asos.com requires some time but if you look you can always find some amazing dresses!

I always have money saving tips and it surprises me when people don't use them. I never pay full price for anything except groceries of course and I am always able to find a way to buy the things I NEED and want on a very low budget.

Let me know what else you would like to see me post about. Are you  guys interested in vlogs? If so let me know!

I'm adding this video since it kinda fits this post! Enjoy:



xoxoxo missLada

PICTURE CREDIT: http://scm-l3.technorati.com/12/12/13/73835/online-shopping%281%29.jpg?t=20121213022325

Neiman Marcus + Target Collaboration

Image Wasn't sure how many of you were as obssessed with the Neiman Marcus- target collab as i was but... Target has the ENTIRE collection on 70% off!

Finally got the remainder of the items i wanted without breaking the bank.

I still want to go back and buy more but i really don't think that's a great start to the new year.. ahem spending more money.

I'll update you all on what i bought tonight!


1. Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses- set of 4 = $14.99 - Probably my most WANTED item from the whole collection :)

Originally $49.99 ( no way was i going to pay that.. had to order online since most stores sold out- wonder why.. they are BEAUTIFUL!)

Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4

2. Alice + Olivia Luggage = $53.99 originally 179.99

( online purchase since this was sold out in stores.. HOWEVER.. i got FREE SHIPPING and i actually need a carry on and i plan to travel this year :)) SUPER cute!

Alice + Olivia Luggage

3. DVF JEWELRY BOX $14.99 originally $49.99 - sadly this may be a return, i did look through all of the boxes and thought this was the best one however i came home and saw a part of the lid had a chunk missing. Guess something hapned in shipping or the top is plainly cheap. :( i LOVE the inside though so i may make this work. sadly i only have a few days to think about it since all these products have to be returned by January 5th..

Diane von Furstenberg Jewelry Box

4. Rag and Bone shot glasses! $10.. ORIGINALLY $20- CURRENT PRICE: $5.99

rag & bone Shot Glasses - Set of 4

love these... even though i am only using them as decoration right now.

5. Clothing- i have this theory that when clothing items from Designers hit Target.. at a cheaper price, they are never a good quality. Although i found cute items, including the Marc Jacobs scarf.. i found that the material was so thin it was falling apart. so i passed. Everything else has lived up and is beautiful.

To be honest i would have purchased all these items whether they were brand name or not solely based on the appearance of the items.

If you did shop the Neiman Marcus + Target collab products be sure you return any items you dont want to keep by January 5th 2013! Otherwise they won't refund the full amount you originally paid for..

Did you purchase anything from the line? if so tell me which product and if you paid full price. i would love to hear what you thought about this collaboration!

Keep it classy recessionista's!

xoxo missLada

Saving big $$$$ without Sacrificing Quality

Hello Recessionista's! Hope everyone had a great weekend and is ready to finish the end of October with a great spooky kick! With the holiday season just around the corner...I wanted to give you all an insight on how i get high quality makeup and beauty tools with Big discounts.

Here are the latest hauls I've had:

Groupon Deals:

I see The body shop deal about 3-4 times a year on Groupon and as you all know they have high quality brushes and makeup. Although I am a big fan of everything in the store, i dig their brushes, eye shadows and lip butters. When i see the $10 for $20 Groupon deal.. i immediately start with buying two. I can a couple good brushes with just that. Also-most of the time The body shop has deals going on in the store. I have walked away with around $100 worth of products by using this Groupon deal in combination with the on going in store deals. BTW- this promo is running on Groupon TODAY! Snatch it while you can :)

Urban Decay:

Something I really want to recommend is creating an email address where you can subscribe to deals. I do this for my Groupon deals and email subscriptions. I never thought signing up for emails would save me much money till i recently got 20% off on Urban Decays website. I was super tempted to buy everything but then i realized I didn't have much to work with. So I got the smoked palette and handful of eye shadows for a fraction of the price. Seriously all of it was $50 and i scored free shipping! Btw they have several of these throughout the year so keep your eyes pealed!

Sephora and Beauty cards

This past year i fell out of the VIB beauty insider and I realized how much i took it for granted. The only reason i fell out of it is of course because I'm a recessionista and spending that much at Sephora is just not always feasible :)

Nevertheless i retained by VIB status by throwing my out of town friend's purchases on my card. Cheating i know..

But get this I used my 20% VIB reward to purchase an exclusive makeup brush set and belt worth $450 at a quarter of the cost.

It was already on sale... and i used free shipping and my reward to get two sets for less then $200! It's probably one of the best purchases I've made - I gave one away as a gift and kept one for myself as an early Christmas gift which i will later use for my latest hobby that may make me extra cash.. TBA!

Cravebox Subscriptions and other beauty and fashion subscriptions :

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cravebox. More info on that beauty box here. But here's the thing.. i've only paid for one box! I got two free due to shipping issues. But due to the price of the boxes- they are still a great  way to try new products on the market without having to spend much. For $10 or so I have been able to receive several full size products and have discovered some new items on the market that i wasn't aware of. From eye creams to vitamins. Either way it's a great way to try new products without spending a fortune.

Stylemint and Jewelmint

Which leads me also to Stylemint and Jewelmint- I try to post about all the purchases i have on those sites.. I always skip in the beginning of the month and wait for the sales. I have scored tons of beautiful jewelry and t-shirts for under $10... Stylemint usually doesn't go under $15 but i typically get dresses which have been worth way over $15.

Using Promo Codes

Also REMEMBER- you can always find great PROMO codes for any site. Two of my favorites are retailmenot.com and dealspl.us :)

Well that's it for now. Do you have any recommendations on how to save big $$$ on great beauty and style finds? Please post  your money saving tricks below!

xoxo miss lada

A Samsung Chromebook for the Recessionista!

Hello Recessionista's, So i couldn't help but stop in the middle of work and take a break to tell you all about the Samsung Chromebook i came across.



Although i love love love my MBP and nothing ocmpares to how much ram and memory i have loaded it with. This chromebook is the IDEAL present i may be getting for my brother- since all of his computers have broken... and i'm not about to dish out on a Mac for him- he's only 11 years old..

Although i love my MBP- I may be getting this as well. An additional laptop around the house for homework and email!

It's a steal..

I have noticed several laptops out there for the same price.. but this is from Google and Samsung. Two companies i trust ad have never gone wrong with!

A superthin and fanless laptop for the kids or school- i think it's a must have!

What are your thoughts?


More info: "The new Chromebook is a great computer at any price, but it’s an incredible computer at $249. It’s one of the lightest laptops on the market. You can easily carry it around all day—it’s 2.5 pounds, a mere 0.8 inches thick, with more than 6 hours of battery life for the typical user. And with 100 GB of free storage on Google Drive*, you can get to all of your stuff anytime, anywhere." Blogspot




I ran into this DIY and couldn't stop thinking of how #recessionista it is :) Create these amazing bangles under a couple bucks.. i'm thinking.. this would make GREAT birthday gifts!


This is def what i will be up to this weekend!

Let me know if you do! Post comments, pictures or videos of your creations :)

xoxo missLada

Cravebox Winner(s) Announcement

Hello Recessionista's! I appreciate all the comments and advice on how to be a better recessionista!

I def need to start looking more into drugstore makeup- :)

But let's get to the good part. I used a random number generator twice. As a result our winner is Lida, and runner up is Shana S.!

Let me tell you why i did it twice. I have a feeling i may be getting an extra box-

So if that's the case then Shana S. is our other winner! :)

I am double checking with cravebox- because i don't want an extra box.. lying around when i could easily give it away.

So Lida CONGRATS please email me your name, email , address, and telephone!

Shana S.- let me wait to hear back- i will let you know- that way you don't have to send me your information for no reason.

Thanks everyone for participating- this was super fun! I hope to have the opportunity to do this again!

xoxox missLada

Cravebox Giveaway Contest

Hello Recessionista's!!! I won the beauty box blog contest anddddd.... therefore

I have a Cravebox to give away for free! Very recessionista right? ;)

If you don't know what cravebox is from my last post.. here is some more info ( i stole this info from cravebox.com):

Cravebox is a wildly popular product discovery service that puts crave-worthy products into the hands of our lucky Cravebox Members. A team of Cravebox Curators scours the earth for the best of the best, and carefully prepares boxes that are delivered to members’ homes.


I'm waiting to get the subscription box- but currently i sign up every month for the LIMITED EDITION boxes. I had the summer beauty box- which i LOVE!!! i'm still trying to finish the products.

More info on the boxes:

Subscription Boxes are automatically shipped to subscribing Members and cost $10 a piece. The program is enormously successful and we sell out all our subscription slots in just a few hours, so at the moment there are no new subscription slots available.

Limited Edition Boxes are the newest offering. Cravebox Curators pack up handsome and hefty boxes filled with products, gadgets, doodads and supplies focused around a theme, activity, occasion or hobby that our Members love. Members are notified as soon as each new box is available, and have 3 days to come to the Cravebox website to enter a lottery style drawing for that Cravebox. Winners are notified as soon as the drawing is completed, and receive their Limited Edition box within about two weeks. Limited Edition boxes are available to members for just $10 - $15 each.

Do you wanna try #cravebox? Well... enter my drawing to win a free crave box! The drawing will be open through Sunday midnight. I will close it out first thing on Monday at 12:01 a.m.

Here is what u have to do:

1. Follow my blog!

2. Follow me @misslada on twitter for the latest updates!

3. Leave a comment below with a "recessionista" advice :)

check out craveboxes site for more info.

All information included is directly from Cravebox's site.


let me know if you have any questions!





My jewelmint and style mint pieces have arrived!

I was so excited when they did.

My favorite thing about them is that they give you FREE SHIPPING.

As a new member i did receive a discount on the items which was nice because that gives me a chance to test their pieces before i may 29.99- as a recessionista that is still a lot for a shirt or a piece of jewelry.





I am more than pleased with my purchase! I have put this on every cardigan and light jacket i have for a week! its sturdy it elegant and its very well made- which is hard to find!

Okay now for STYLEMINT:

To start i have always been a fan of Mary-kate and Ashley. I could never really afford their clothes. I always go to niemans and imagine i can afford to buy them but then i replicate my own versions. What i love about their style and clothing lines is that its very comfortable and well made. Which is why i turned to stylmint.. i wanted affordable edgy pieces i can use. They have so many styles you can choose from. Although unlike jewel mint- i had very few selections.. i was able to narrow it down to one. I chose an elegant shirt- Ballet flat Melrose. Yes! i did pick a color instead of my regular neutrals and blacks :)

check it out!


I chose a size bigger than what they recommended. I wanted a loose shirt. I keep wearing this shirt over and over again. It's so soft and well made i could sleep in it and then wear it with a pair of slacks to work. I am deeply in LOVE!

It has small details which make it beautiful and its well designed and the cut is very flattering!

I am definitely looking forward to purchasing clothes from these sites again.

SHOEMINT- has yet to impress me but if your deeply into shoes i would check them out!

xoxoxox recessionistas!

P.S Jewelmint and style mint are having a specials this weekend in honor of the Oscars! Once you sign up remember to read their program and credits. make sure you understand that once you start purchasing they charge you 29.99 whether u make a purchase or not- unless u decide to not purchase within that month :) u must declare to remove your credit within the first 5 days of the month.


20% OFF- MKA20



60% off- jmsale60 and 50% off: jmsale 50 - certain items ( almost all)


Pretty Pieces for Work

One of my new years resolutions was to spend less and be super frugal with my money since graduate school is so expensive. But working full time means i need to dress nice and dress for the job i want.

Although i do not wear suits to work- i figured i should hit up all the sales this past weekend to load up on some essential pieces suitable for work- yet still stylish for after work and weekend brunches:

Some things i picked up:

Cardigan- in black and tan- each under $20


The Fit and flare pant- in coffee and a black and white wool blend- each <$30Image

My favorite piece!  each <$100 !!! I was eyeing this coat for so LONG.Image

I also picked up some black and white vneck tops ( each <$15) for under suits and cardigans- no pictures :(

Express always seems to have great stuff at relatively great prices.

One tip i can give is always keep in mind what you need and if it's a great price. I bought the coat even though it was 76 degrees outside and i was wearing a tshirt. But knowing the state i live in- it dropped down 40 degrees really quickly.

- I also try to stick to classy pieces that i always know will be in style- or that fit me so well that i would wear it anyway.

I really want to do a work bag blog- but i need to do some big hunting- stay tuned- they usually have great deals on bags in the Spring Time.

Stay warm recessionistas!!!


Okay, so i want to make sure you al know that i will make it a GOAL to blog more. i always have these great ideas but never blog about them. RESOLUTION! To start the year off right i decided to post about the first thing i saw and LOVED!

MORE WAYS TO WEAR SCARFS. and i would like to thank this site (scarves.net) :) for all the amazing scarf ideas i get.

wear your hearts out in these great ideas and have a safe and Happy new Years!

Summer Dresses

I finally decided to post the top must have dresses for the summer 1. The Tube Top dress- White or Black

This dress is AMAZING. This is why:

1. It's white, and looks great over a bathing suit as a cover-up

2. Versatility: You can wear it to the beach or throw a belt over it and dress it up.

3. 100% cotton makes it super super cool to wear in the summer heat.

4. You can get them anywhere: American Eagle $15-$25, Target: $20, Macy's and Forever 21 have some in different colors as well.

2. Little White Dress- same as above except shorter and sexier- American Eagle $25

1. Short and Sweet

2. Great with a Belt

3. Accessories and blazers/jackets compliment this dress perfectly.

I wear mine with a cardigan.

4. American Eagle and Urban Outfitters flourish with similar dress all summer round.





3. Little Black Dress// Vneck Crisscross $20 American Eagle

1. Sexy back, makes it the perfect little black dress for summer

2. Cotton

3. Not too long and not too short. I am a tall girl and it is perfect on me. Right above the knee.

4. What i love about this dress is that I can wear it with tights in the fall or leggings in the winter. Super versatile.






4. Chiffon Dress- $20 black. grey or RED

Enjoy! I have more coming!
- xoxoxo misslada

3 Books That Will Change Your Life! ..and Your Bank Account.

I recently came across a friend who is as in touch with Feng Shui and Astrology as I am. Although I may claim to know alot about this subject, I am still an amateur.

She recommended a book to me and as i looked through it I knew i had to blog about it! I actually have 3 books I wanted to mention. All these books can be found a BARGAIN on Amazon. Click on the titles and it'll direct you straight to their Amazon page.

I love this book but found it a bit confusing, I should have read it when I wasn't answering phones or squeezing a 15 minute break at work:

1. Feng Shui Bible

It's absolutely fabulous. You find what year your birthday falls under and there are 3 numbers. Each number represents something about you. Your love life, your work life, and you true inner self. I have to admit, I learned a few things about myself that I always denied.

The second book she recommended was:

2. The Secret Language of Relationships

Now What i love about this book is that you find what week you are born under. For example, I am an Aries and I am born in the week of the star. Not all Aries are alike! Which is very interesting because my sister is an Aries, and i can promise you we are nothing alike. Now to get into more details. It goes down and dissects who is best fit for you in love, marriage, family, work, and several other categories. It's a very interesting read. 

3. City Chic

Okay so best for LAST! I highly recommend reading, skimming, referencing this book for anything you need during this economy. Although I don't live in "THE CITY" I do have a budget, and the extra money I save helps me splurge on a few things a year. This book is great for anyone! Even if you don't live on a recessionista budget, some of the advice one can learn from this book is useful and can save you headaches later on. For example, I learned when the best time to buy household items, sheet sets, towels, dresses, and where exactly i should go for my dry cleaning. From home furnishings to dining out and finding the best style staples on the cheap.

Although my mom has taught me almost EVERYTHING, there are things this book has taught me that i could have only learned from hard rough experience. I saved myself after a few big splurges i shouldn't have made and saved several bucks down the road.

Learn the in's and outs of living on a small budget and making every paycheck last to the FULLEST, and actually having a little left over to save.

You may not DIGGG Astrology or Feng Shui, but saving money is always a good thing. Plus Amazon has this book listed as low as .01 cent. :)

Donate  to your favorite Charity or find one today. My favorite Charities include St. Jude and FEED The Children.

:) Leave comments! My next post will most likely be about summer and dresses!

- xoxo Miss Lada


Just wanted to do a quick post on Banana Republic having sales all week. It's random in some Banana's but i know it's going on tomorrow. You get 40% off all sale items as well as tops for men and women! SUCH a great deal. Especially for such high quality clothes- the clothes dont shrink when i wash them! This time of the year really is a great time for shopping!

Some of the best items to grab at Banana include: dressy tops, pants, business wear, and DRESSES!

Sign up for their card and you get an extra 25%!

ah.. my clothes came out cheaper than if i had purchased them from Forever 21 except.. i got better quality!

Pretty Nail Polish- in a bottle

My sister lately introduced me to this new crackle nail polish trend. At first when I saw her nail polish i thought she went to some high end nail salon. But then she whipped out her crackle nail polish she ordered on Amazon- Mia Secret ~$3.99. My first thoughts were- BIGGEST SUMMER TREND EVER!

Although it's on the cheap side- she said the quality was worth every penny!

Here is an MTV article one of our bloggers commented on a previous nail polish post.

My sister had on the black crackled nail polish- look into the bright summer colors for summer :)

Glitter nails

Need i say more? Add some glitter nail lacquer to your tips to spice things up. This is great for the summer. Plus the great thing about glitter is that if you mess up.. no one can tell!

Do it yourself.. instead of having to pay to get it done. Also, with glitter nail polish you don't need to buy any fancy brand. Go with the cheapest you can find :)


What to skip and what NOT to Skip at Forever 21

So an update from my last blog on what you should and shouldn't buy… i saw this great article on Yahoo! and i completely agree with it.  i decided to copy and paste it, but i also have attached the link at the bottom :)

VERY Helpful especially with the summer season coming up!

read away recessionistas!!

Things to Skip

1. Jeans

Typically, $20 jeans don’t last too long. Denim at this price is usually thin to begin with, ill-fitting, and just plain not made for long-term wear.

2. Earrings

Yes, Forever21 earrings are a steal at about $4 per pair, but they’re also generally low quality, and even potentially harmful.  Since they’re coated with a “high polish finish” instead of being rhodium-plated or made from 18k gold-plated brass, they can cause infection among those with sensitive skin.

3. Dresses

If you’re not planning on layering a Forever21 dress with opaque tights, leggings, or even jeans, you might be less than pleasantly surprised to discover the micro-hem on most of the dresses Forever21 offers. This floral dress boasts a 25-inch length from shoulder to hem, which, if you’re about 5-foot-8-inches tall, will barely cover your lady parts.

4. Shoes

While $23 peep-toe heels are hard to turn down, we’ll bet after one block in your bargain platforms, you’ll be wishing you’d kept your cash.

Things to Snatch 1. On-Trend Tops

Forever21 is the perfect place to shop the latest trends. Chances are you won’t be too upset when your $12 sheer lace or tribal crop top goes out of style.

2. Sunglasses

$6 sunglasses? Heck yes! We’ll take three pairs: one for the car, one for our beach bag, and one over-the-top style to wear at night when we’re feeling extra cool. And when they get scratched, cracked, or pass on to the resting place for all lost and forgotten shades, we won’t even shed a single tear.

3. Bags

Another accessory that’s okay to purchase at Forever21 is a special-occasion bag. While the $25 shoulder styles won’t cut it as your everyday bag, there’s little risk in snatching up a $2 beach tote or $15 evening clutch. One of our editors has a studded Forever21 tote that made it to London and back and still makes a great carry-on travel bag!

4. Swimwear

Since bathing suits typically fade from sun exposure and get ripped up from sitting on concrete anyways, a $20 style that lasts an entire summer sounds like a great deal to us!

credits go to: kaboodle.com blog

Little Secrets for SMART Shopping

I went to the Gap yesterday since they have this HUGE sale and promotions all throughout the store and on top of that i wanted to use my 25% birthday discount.

I bought a dress and a pencil skirt. roughly $40.

But that's not what this blog is about. As i stood in line for the cashier to check me out, i realized what i don't buy from the Gap anymore.. sweaters. I have found myself very unfortunate with the sweaters at the Gap, they always tend to get some kind of hole in the neck or sleeve after the second wash.

This reminded me of the two clothing retailers i worked at before during my freshman year at UTD, and i decided to give away the secrets i learned whilst i worked there. (from personal experience-this is not company secrets by any means-)

Hollister and Express.

So here is what i can say about each:

  • Sweaters, cardigans: are great but they will stretch and you will find a hole eventually.
  • Tshirts: softest tshirts i have found in a long time, wait for the sale, because these t-shirts make wonderful sleep shirts- but i don't think anyone wants to spend $18+ on a sleep tshirt. well not a recessionista anyway.
  • Denim: the best jeans you will find under $50. Some are a little over that but they are relatively around $50. They last a long time, and for $50 dollars these days you can't find a nice pair of jeans that will last. This i will recommend for girls only. I don't have that much information on the guys jeans. Also if you go now, Hollister has 50% off jeans that are on sale. So they come to roughly $14. wow.. what a STEAL. (if you can find your size)
  • Everything else at Hollister is relatively the same or not that much different.

  • Denim:The only jeans that will fit you correctly are their premium jeans, the rest have always had a weird fit, you might get lucky though. ( i find that a very small percentage of people get lucky with finding a decent pair of jeans there)
  • Work Wear: Their suits, trousers, blouses, anything professional, they have is absolutely wonderful. I have shopped that section for years, 8 years, and all my shirts and pants are still wearable. They last a long time and compared to other stores they are very well priced. If you join their credit card points system you will get incredible discounts. You could also sign up for their emails, you can receive discounts that way as well.
  • Party Clothes: Most of the time their party dresses go on sale. As low as $20-$30 per dress. Typically they go on sale for $49.
  • Casual Wear: This is the part where i recommend staying away from. Although they have great promotions on their casual wear. I personally have not had good experience in this department. Their casual wears don't last long and aren't as high of a quality as their other lines.

Well there you have it. Those are my secrets.

I have alot more secrets from other retailers, but i will leave those for future blogs.