Pretty Pieces for Work

One of my new years resolutions was to spend less and be super frugal with my money since graduate school is so expensive. But working full time means i need to dress nice and dress for the job i want.

Although i do not wear suits to work- i figured i should hit up all the sales this past weekend to load up on some essential pieces suitable for work- yet still stylish for after work and weekend brunches:

Some things i picked up:

Cardigan- in black and tan- each under $20


The Fit and flare pant- in coffee and a black and white wool blend- each <$30Image

My favorite piece!  each <$100 !!! I was eyeing this coat for so LONG.Image

I also picked up some black and white vneck tops ( each <$15) for under suits and cardigans- no pictures :(

Express always seems to have great stuff at relatively great prices.

One tip i can give is always keep in mind what you need and if it's a great price. I bought the coat even though it was 76 degrees outside and i was wearing a tshirt. But knowing the state i live in- it dropped down 40 degrees really quickly.

- I also try to stick to classy pieces that i always know will be in style- or that fit me so well that i would wear it anyway.

I really want to do a work bag blog- but i need to do some big hunting- stay tuned- they usually have great deals on bags in the Spring Time.

Stay warm recessionistas!!!

25 ways to wear a scarf! the fall POST

October is gone and daylights savings time has occurred- i'm not sure about you guys but it has not helped me wake up earlier or arrive earlier to work or the gym- in fact i wake up so early that i go back to sleep and end up being late to everything! But back to the real deal. It's COLD. But i live in Texas so cardigans and jackets are the number one essentials for me... except they are soo routine and boring i need something to spice up my outifts

This is when i turn to scarfs. Lately i ran across Wendy's look book video that shows 25 ways to wear a scarf!

This has recessionista written all over it!

check it out :)


PS i purchase a creme colored plaid scarf today:) first purchase from an H&M IN PLANO, TEXAS.