A Night in Milan..

http://4travel.ge/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/milan-at-night.jpg The other day I was thinking about how quickly 2014 has flown right by us.

I started thinking about my objectives for the year (aka resolutions..haha) and I met two of mine completely without trying. One of my resolutions was to live a healthier lifestyle and workout more frequently. I was able to accomplish this resolution just by setting aside 30 minutes- 1 hour a day. Now.. I can't imagine not going to the gym or having that time just to myself everyday.

The second goal i met was traveling more. It's not that i planned more trips this year... it's just that I made the jump when the opportunity presented itself. I traveled to NYC for work and extended my stay just so I can breathe in the beautiful city that I love and truly experienced it on a deeper level. I had no plans and as a result was able to see more of the city than i had on my previous trips. I went to Hawaii with family which I planned out with a set budget.. trust me it wasn't easy but ShawnVoyage.com definitely helped me out. Then I made a trip to Chicago since I had friends there and a free place to stay. This year I have definitely learned you can travel several times a year and still stick to your budget. No more staycations!

So here's the kicker.. I am hoping i can take a Euro-trip next summer!

Ideally I am planning on visiting Italy, France and Spain.

I have had the privilege of traveling Internationally since i was less than a year old so below are some pointers on traveling internationally and what i would do if i visited Milan, Italy!

Some Research I conducted on Milan:

  • Milan is one of Italy's most dynamic, international and industrial cities.
  • In comparison to other cities in Italy it has a more urban, modern mood which means fewer tourists.
  • Milan has a  reputation for being the World's fashion capital.

1. Language Barrier

How to Remove Language Barriers #ottsworld

I am leaving this as number one because it it very important to learn the language and cultural differences before you start packing! Are you okay with the countries culture? I definitely recommend using a site or resource like Rosetta stone to brush up on some language before you visit a country like Italy. I would also recommend trying out e-books and the below sites. You can always find free resources in the app store and online to save your precious dollars. The end goal is to be well versed enough in the language so you can get around and not be insensitive to the culture and language. You never know which corner you will turn.

  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/italian/
  • http://www.oneworlditaliano.com/english/home.htm
  • http://www.babbel.com/learn-italian-online
  • Smartling.com also has a translation software that's super helpful!They provide all types of translation services.

2. Food:

  • I always stick by my rule of eating local! Immerse yourself in the culture and seriously... who doesn't love Italian!http://www.europeinsideout.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/800px-Spaghetti_all_arrabbiata.jpg

3. Weather:

  • With its warm weather, thin crowds and relatively lower airfare, April is one of the best months to plan a trip to Italy.
  • Although Spring is a great time to travel to Milan it is important to note they have spring showers so a light jacket is essential for packing.

4. Fashion:

It's important to know Milan's reputation as the World's fashion capital.

Milan just recently finished having Fashion week back in September so keeping up to date with the latest trends is something to be mindful of.

Here is what I would pack if I were going soon:

  • Milan showed ton's of 70's fashion! Which is great. There were skinny jeans and NORMCORE pants. Which is a huge relief because now we can wear comfortable yet stylish jeans without having to suffocate inside skinnies during a trip.
  • The below styles are comfortable and super on trend this season
  • Alberta Ferretti spring 2015 collection show. Photo: ImaxtreeGucci spring 2015 collection show. Photo: Imaxtree
  • I also always like to stick to neutrals in general but specifically when traveling. That way everything matches!
  • A light jacket most likely consisting of a tailored light trench coat is ideal, on trend and very versatile for a trip.
  • Blacks, whites, and pops of color were all over the runways. Sticking close to classy tailored pieces will not only help keep packing to a minimum but also help in coordinating the pieces together.
  • Scarfs are always essential for traveling- luckily they were on the runways and ideal for weather in Milan.
  • Lots of shiny prints and sequins were on the runway so i would grab a sequin number i already have for going out at night! Maxy dresses were also very prevalent on the runway and are super comfortable for trips.

Versace spring 2015 collection show. Photo: ImaxtreeCostume National spring 2015 collection show. Photo: Imaxtree

  • Shoes
    • Milan is no exception. Keep shoes to what's comfortable. Don a cute pair white sneakers that will go with everything. Oxfords were big trend on the runway along with gladiators and chunky heels. In general the shoes were more on the comfort side this year and completely wearable. I personally take one pair of sandals,a sneaker which i wear and a dressed up shoe in this case a thicker chunky heel or wedge for the night out.

5. Budget

  • Don't spend money here trying to buy clothes, accessories. You want to do your shopping there.
  • Did i mention fashion enough? You want to get your clothes at local boutiques. Remember you can always bring it back and get it tailored later.
  • I learned the hard way to not spend money on souvenirs. Buying one great item that you can use back home is better than a bunch of items that will just take up space in your luggage.
  • Speaking of luggage- stick to a carry on- you can replace it easily and you can always buy luggage in Milan! Less is More.
  • Eat local- eat where the locals like to eat. There are so many useful apps these days that can save us time and money.

Hope you all enjoyed my advices and thoughts on what a trip to Milan would be like.

I have wanted to visit Italy since I was little so I hope to execute this plan soon.

I'm always open to feedback so let me know what you would suggest for my trip to Italy. :)

I would love to get more advice before my trip!

XOXO misslada


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SPLURGE VS SAVE- wardrope edition

Hello Recessionista's! I know it's been a little while since i last posted anything however- I should be back and running pretty soon!

To kick it back up I ran into an article on when to Splurge and when to save this morning and couldn't agree more with. Below i have the items listed in the article with my won twist on why I agree as well as a few items I think we should consider splurging on:



1.  Leather Jacket- or a lamb skin. You can find non-leather jackets that are just as great also if you're against wearing animal skin.

2. Jeans- we all know the coworker that wears ill-fitted jeans. Don't be THAT person.

3. Bra's- nothing is more embarrassing then a women with a great set of assets and a poorly fitted bra. Get one or two that fits and wash them properly. Take care of the items that make you feel and look your best!

4. Black Dress- I think when we say spend vs splurge- it doesn't mean u should go out and spend a fortune- but take the time to find one that fits you like a glove. You may get lucky and find the last AMAZING dress discounted. Just have your perfect go to dress.

5. Blazer- a fitted one. You can wear this anywhere and everywhere- haveing one great Blazer will take u from the office to the after party in style.

6. A great Work Bag- I am a huge advocate for saving up for a great bag. You can take that ONE bag with you everywhere. I work in an office 5 days a week and like a great big bag for shopping. A great work bag is ideal for someone like me. Instead i don't have to constantly purchase new bags- they'll end up costing more than the ONE investment bag.

7. Shoes- you don't need to buy a Louboutin but take a moment to purchase shoes that wont give u blisters.



Sandals- although i always say you should invest in your feet. You can always find a imitation of the high end sandals with the same comfort at a lower price. Let's be real If it's flat then they probably didn't put much effort in creating them.

Skirt and printed pants- Buy a skirt that flatters you- however most skirts don't need to be THAT tailored so you can save in this category. Printed pants come and go so I would save those extra $$$ on something you would rather splurge on.

Formal dress- you wear this ONCE. So unless you're a celebrity- I would save your precious Benjamin's in this category.

Read more here: http://shopping.yahoo.com/news/5-fashion-items-that-are-worth-a-splurge-and-4-that-aren%E2%80%99t-213602423.html

Neiman Marcus + Target Collaboration

Image Wasn't sure how many of you were as obssessed with the Neiman Marcus- target collab as i was but... Target has the ENTIRE collection on 70% off!

Finally got the remainder of the items i wanted without breaking the bank.

I still want to go back and buy more but i really don't think that's a great start to the new year.. ahem spending more money.

I'll update you all on what i bought tonight!


1. Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses- set of 4 = $14.99 - Probably my most WANTED item from the whole collection :)

Originally $49.99 ( no way was i going to pay that.. had to order online since most stores sold out- wonder why.. they are BEAUTIFUL!)

Altuzarra Double Old Fashioned Glasses - Set of 4

2. Alice + Olivia Luggage = $53.99 originally 179.99

( online purchase since this was sold out in stores.. HOWEVER.. i got FREE SHIPPING and i actually need a carry on and i plan to travel this year :)) SUPER cute!

Alice + Olivia Luggage

3. DVF JEWELRY BOX $14.99 originally $49.99 - sadly this may be a return, i did look through all of the boxes and thought this was the best one however i came home and saw a part of the lid had a chunk missing. Guess something hapned in shipping or the top is plainly cheap. :( i LOVE the inside though so i may make this work. sadly i only have a few days to think about it since all these products have to be returned by January 5th..

Diane von Furstenberg Jewelry Box

4. Rag and Bone shot glasses! $10.. ORIGINALLY $20- CURRENT PRICE: $5.99

rag & bone Shot Glasses - Set of 4

love these... even though i am only using them as decoration right now.

5. Clothing- i have this theory that when clothing items from Designers hit Target.. at a cheaper price, they are never a good quality. Although i found cute items, including the Marc Jacobs scarf.. i found that the material was so thin it was falling apart. so i passed. Everything else has lived up and is beautiful.

To be honest i would have purchased all these items whether they were brand name or not solely based on the appearance of the items.

If you did shop the Neiman Marcus + Target collab products be sure you return any items you dont want to keep by January 5th 2013! Otherwise they won't refund the full amount you originally paid for..

Did you purchase anything from the line? if so tell me which product and if you paid full price. i would love to hear what you thought about this collaboration!

Keep it classy recessionista's!

xoxo missLada

To Cyber Monday or NOT to Cyber Monday..?

Hello Recessionista's!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I know I was grateful for such a great year. Even if you weren't as blessed as I was this year- remember with every GOOD there's a bad AND you wouldn't be able to get that Happiness HIGH if you never saw the bad and ugly.. :) ever since I started looking at life that way I realized I had MUCH to be grateful for and my life def turned around for the better!

Anyways- getting to the point of CYBERMONDAY. I thought it may be worth it to give you my two cents on this day. Typically on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday- i stick to the brands and stores i repurchase from alot. For example makeup, jewelry and clothing stores i shop frequently at. This way i know if I'm getting a good deal.

Here are some of my top sites to hit. ( yours may vary)

1. Amazon.com

I already have my saved items in my cart- all i do is check on them and see if the prices have lowered- Today ALL the items had lowered anywhere from .50 to $6.00.

Depending on how high the price of the items are in your cart- I'm sure this number can vary. My items didn't go over $50.

2. The MINT family

I am a sucker for Jewelmint, Stylemint and Homemint- I'm stocking up on the items I've been eying since they are running a 50% deal through out the weekend and today.

3. Sephora- I don't know about you but Sephora is my number one spot to hit up during Black friday. Everything else that i forgot i grab on Cyber Monday- You can save a lot if you stock up on these days. I stocked up on alot of goodies for 2013! Some packed palettes and combo deals may be worth getting. I scored full sized products i use frequently for a fraction of the price!

4. Kohls and Macy's

Department stores run all kinds of specials. Kohls and Macy's are two i know most about. (I don't put Nordstrom in that category). Currently Macy's is running specials on Jewelry items and Kohls has 20 percent off and free standard shipping! ( I hear Kohls is great for the yogis and athletes on your lists)

5. Nordstroms- I put this in it's own category - Because i do not shop for clothing items on this website- I must be there in person to see it and feel it! Purses and shoes and accessories are a top hit. But be aware... sometimes their discounts aren't the lowest they can get throughout the year. So if it's a must buy item that you need for a gift go ahead and purchase- otherwise i would stay away from the most wanted items till after the holidays. Their annual sales are much much better!

6. Express

I love Express. As soon as i get an email- I'm the first to order those jeans or dresses I've been eyeing for weeks. The site shut down on Black Friday and the stores were packed. Thankfully i got my shop on Thanksgiving day. Only downside is i paid shipping. If you held out to today- you won. They are running 40% off EVERYTHING yes including sales items and free shipping. This one is worth it to me.. ESP if there is a holiday dress you're looking at getting!

7. Free shipping- The best part of Cyber Monday are the free shipping offers. Which is the ONLY reason i shop online.

Verdict: If you can pass then go ahead and pass on cyber Monday- but if there is something you've been wanting- it wouldn't hurt to see the promos running today. :) Also, remember there are better deals outside the holiday season so waiting till January on something for you couldn't hurt. Plus you may get two things instead of one with the lower prices after the holiday season

Happy Cyber Monday Recessionista's!

Let me know if you know of any good Cyber Monday deals worth shopping at today!

xoxoxo missLada

What to skip and what NOT to Skip at Forever 21

So an update from my last blog on what you should and shouldn't buy… i saw this great article on Yahoo! and i completely agree with it.  i decided to copy and paste it, but i also have attached the link at the bottom :)

VERY Helpful especially with the summer season coming up!

read away recessionistas!!

Things to Skip

1. Jeans

Typically, $20 jeans don’t last too long. Denim at this price is usually thin to begin with, ill-fitting, and just plain not made for long-term wear.

2. Earrings

Yes, Forever21 earrings are a steal at about $4 per pair, but they’re also generally low quality, and even potentially harmful.  Since they’re coated with a “high polish finish” instead of being rhodium-plated or made from 18k gold-plated brass, they can cause infection among those with sensitive skin.

3. Dresses

If you’re not planning on layering a Forever21 dress with opaque tights, leggings, or even jeans, you might be less than pleasantly surprised to discover the micro-hem on most of the dresses Forever21 offers. This floral dress boasts a 25-inch length from shoulder to hem, which, if you’re about 5-foot-8-inches tall, will barely cover your lady parts.

4. Shoes

While $23 peep-toe heels are hard to turn down, we’ll bet after one block in your bargain platforms, you’ll be wishing you’d kept your cash.

Things to Snatch 1. On-Trend Tops

Forever21 is the perfect place to shop the latest trends. Chances are you won’t be too upset when your $12 sheer lace or tribal crop top goes out of style.

2. Sunglasses

$6 sunglasses? Heck yes! We’ll take three pairs: one for the car, one for our beach bag, and one over-the-top style to wear at night when we’re feeling extra cool. And when they get scratched, cracked, or pass on to the resting place for all lost and forgotten shades, we won’t even shed a single tear.

3. Bags

Another accessory that’s okay to purchase at Forever21 is a special-occasion bag. While the $25 shoulder styles won’t cut it as your everyday bag, there’s little risk in snatching up a $2 beach tote or $15 evening clutch. One of our editors has a studded Forever21 tote that made it to London and back and still makes a great carry-on travel bag!

4. Swimwear

Since bathing suits typically fade from sun exposure and get ripped up from sitting on concrete anyways, a $20 style that lasts an entire summer sounds like a great deal to us!

credits go to: kaboodle.com blog