To Cyber Monday or NOT to Cyber Monday..?

Hello Recessionista's!!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Holiday! I know I was grateful for such a great year. Even if you weren't as blessed as I was this year- remember with every GOOD there's a bad AND you wouldn't be able to get that Happiness HIGH if you never saw the bad and ugly.. :) ever since I started looking at life that way I realized I had MUCH to be grateful for and my life def turned around for the better!

Anyways- getting to the point of CYBERMONDAY. I thought it may be worth it to give you my two cents on this day. Typically on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday- i stick to the brands and stores i repurchase from alot. For example makeup, jewelry and clothing stores i shop frequently at. This way i know if I'm getting a good deal.

Here are some of my top sites to hit. ( yours may vary)


I already have my saved items in my cart- all i do is check on them and see if the prices have lowered- Today ALL the items had lowered anywhere from .50 to $6.00.

Depending on how high the price of the items are in your cart- I'm sure this number can vary. My items didn't go over $50.

2. The MINT family

I am a sucker for Jewelmint, Stylemint and Homemint- I'm stocking up on the items I've been eying since they are running a 50% deal through out the weekend and today.

3. Sephora- I don't know about you but Sephora is my number one spot to hit up during Black friday. Everything else that i forgot i grab on Cyber Monday- You can save a lot if you stock up on these days. I stocked up on alot of goodies for 2013! Some packed palettes and combo deals may be worth getting. I scored full sized products i use frequently for a fraction of the price!

4. Kohls and Macy's

Department stores run all kinds of specials. Kohls and Macy's are two i know most about. (I don't put Nordstrom in that category). Currently Macy's is running specials on Jewelry items and Kohls has 20 percent off and free standard shipping! ( I hear Kohls is great for the yogis and athletes on your lists)

5. Nordstroms- I put this in it's own category - Because i do not shop for clothing items on this website- I must be there in person to see it and feel it! Purses and shoes and accessories are a top hit. But be aware... sometimes their discounts aren't the lowest they can get throughout the year. So if it's a must buy item that you need for a gift go ahead and purchase- otherwise i would stay away from the most wanted items till after the holidays. Their annual sales are much much better!

6. Express

I love Express. As soon as i get an email- I'm the first to order those jeans or dresses I've been eyeing for weeks. The site shut down on Black Friday and the stores were packed. Thankfully i got my shop on Thanksgiving day. Only downside is i paid shipping. If you held out to today- you won. They are running 40% off EVERYTHING yes including sales items and free shipping. This one is worth it to me.. ESP if there is a holiday dress you're looking at getting!

7. Free shipping- The best part of Cyber Monday are the free shipping offers. Which is the ONLY reason i shop online.

Verdict: If you can pass then go ahead and pass on cyber Monday- but if there is something you've been wanting- it wouldn't hurt to see the promos running today. :) Also, remember there are better deals outside the holiday season so waiting till January on something for you couldn't hurt. Plus you may get two things instead of one with the lower prices after the holiday season

Happy Cyber Monday Recessionista's!

Let me know if you know of any good Cyber Monday deals worth shopping at today!

xoxoxo missLada